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Muscle Treats



"Meet Jonny Treats"

Jonny from the UK was once overweight and really unhappy with the way he looked, and one day he decided to hit the gym and learn about nutrition! After many months of hard training & learning about nutrition Jonny realized that his new found fitness pals want low sugar, high protein treats especially in the evening! Jonny also realized that his overweight pals also needed similar treats! After training long and hard Jonny teamed up with his personal trainer Gavin & together they created Muscle Treats!

HEAD CHEF - Gavin Townsend

After 10+ years as a personal trainer Gavin has worked with over 10,000 customers. Gavin recognizes that nutrition is key for results and with so many people craving snacks especially in the evening Gavin is supporting Jonny on his vision of creating a great range of exciting "muscle treats".


Why not!? After all, all of these protein bars, flapjacks, cookies, goodies and fundamentally "muscle related treats"

Muscle Treats is a new brand which offers great products at great prices! There are a lot of brands out there which pump more in to their marketing spend than the actual ingredients they are selling! Where possible Muscle Treats is aiming to work more with chefs and nutritionists as much as Science in sport!

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